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Virginia Cardiac Services Quality Initiative (VCSQI)

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Value-Based Best Practices
Collaboration & Transparency
Stewardship of Healthcare & Costs
Quality and Patient Centered
Innovation; Data and Analytic-Driven

VCSQI’s goal is to improve clinical quality in all cardiac service programs through outcomes analysis and process improvements. Additionally, VCSQI’s clinical/financial database helps reduce costs through reductions in complications and unnecessary resource utilization. The organization’s two main objectives are the following:

Improve Quality, Patient Care and Cost

VCSQI members collaborate to analyze hospital processes, work to identify opportunities for improvement and help implement relevant best practice protocols. Members believe that by improving quality and patient care costs can be contained. Through the use of its clinical/financial database VCSQI improves the quality of care for cardiology and cardiac surgery patients, reduces complications, better coordinates care across both specialties to improve efficiencies in cardiac services care and ultimately reduces costs.

Enhance Communication

VCSQI is positioned as a reliable statewide source of information. VCSQI serves as the interface to communicate process of care information between member sites, eliminates decision making in silos and connects clinical teams. It augments its regional peer-to- peer interactions with more structured educational media and remote/online technologies.

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