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Mission Statement & History

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Transform Cardiovascular Care and Improve Heart Health.

We function in consultation with the leadership of the ACC, as an adviser to local and state governmental and professional organizations concerning issues related to cardiovascular specialists. The VCACC keeps in mind the interests of the patients, physicians and the general public as we maintain a high level of social consciousness and involvement with socioeconomic issues which may influence access to high quality cardiovascular health care for all individuals.

The ACC is your professional home for tools and resources that support you in your efforts to provide high quality cardiovascular care to patients worldwide. From training through retirement, membership brings with it benefits that, purchased separately as a nonmember, would cost thousands and help you transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. 


The Virginia Chapter of the American College of Cardiology was recognized as the representative organization of cardiologists in the Commonwealth by the ACC Chapter Relations Committee in February 1989.  John C. Quinn, MD, FACC, Governor at the time, was the first to hold the dual titles of ACC Governor for Virginia and President of the VA Chapter.
The first annual meeting of the chapter was held on Saturday, October 21, 1989 at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.  It included a business meeting that featured ACC Staff Rebecca Trachman, who was the Director or Chapter Affairs to help the leadership team continue building committees.  The first committees of the chapter were the third party relations committee and government relations.  Both of these areas were of great concern as it was evident that cardiology needed a voice on the state level not just in Washington, DC.  Councilors were elected from all regions of the state so that issues with carriers and government regulations could be brought forth.  The special clinical speaker at the meeting was Eugene Poutasse, MD.  At the conclusion of the meeting, a celebratory dinner was held.
Throughout the 1990s the VA Chapter served its members by hosting annual meetings for continuing education credit, reimbursement seminars for practice staff and physicians and providing a forum to engage governmental agencies. 
At the dawn of a new century the focus of the cardiology community shifted towards managed care and health care reform.  The VA Chapter presented forums, attended national events to add their voice to the need for a better model of medicine for America.  During this time, the ACC encouraged more interaction with federal lawmakers.  The VA Chpater rose to this challenge meeting with lawmakers. 
Changes in practice also begat changes in membership  structure.  The VA Chapter embraced the cardiovascular care team as members of the chapter.  The CVTeam became a vibrant part of the leadership structure in 2008 when Linda Tavares, ARNP, PhD, became a member of the Council.  The Virginia CVTeam has lead the nation in planning conferences and creating a space for members to interact and share knowledge. 
The VA Chapter ACC continues to be the place where cardiovascular specialists in the Commonwealth gather to become one voice for better patient care.

1967-1970    H. Page Mauck, MD, FACC
1970-1973    David W. Richardson, MD, FACC
1973-1976    Lockhart B. McGuire, MD, FACC
1976-1979    Richard S. Crampton, MD, FACC
1979-1982    William E. Holland, MD, FACC
1982-1985    Jack B. Taylor, MD, FACC
1985-1988    George W. Vetrovec, MD, FACC
1988-1991    John C. Quinn, MD, FACC
1991-1994    George A. Beller, MD, FACC
1994-1997    J. Hayden Hollingsworth, MD, FACC
1997-2000    Glenn C. Nye, MD, FACC 
2000-2003    David E. Haines, MD, FACC 
2003-2006    C. Michael Valentine, MD, FACC
2006-2009    John E. Brush, MD, FACC
2009-2012    John M. Dent, MD, FACC
2012-2015    Robert A. Shor, MD, FACC
2015-2018    Sarah Joyner, MD, MPH, FACC

2018-2021 Michael Kontos, MD, FACC

Virginia Chapter of the American College of Cardiology

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Charlottesville, VA 22911
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